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We Want You Back (WWYB)
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We Want You Back

We Want You Back

We Want You Back uses a rapid response, strength-based support system for students who were dropped from enrollment for non-attendance in MPS middle and high schools and youth/young adults who left school without a diploma.  The WWYB team routinely reaches out to students who are dropped after 15 days of non-attendance from a Minneapolis Public School and invites them to come back.  WWYB stresses the message of “You are important and we care about you.” Outreach is done face to face, by phone, texting, and home visits.  WWYB partners with the student and family to identify obstacles and secure placement in a school that fits the needs of the youth.  WWYB works closely with school support staff to secure the services needed by each youth to attend, engage, and succeed.

Enrollment Outreach

The WWYB team assists individuals in determining their best enrollment options based on earned credits and age, as well as offering support through the re-enrollment process.  WWYB uses the evidence-based Check & Connect model developed in Minneapolis Public Schools to provide students with sustained support.  Additionally, WWYB connects students to additional resources within Minneapolis and Hennepin County.

Credit Recovery Program

Students between the ages of 18-21 and within 3 credits of graduating have the opportunity to complete their diploma using an online credit recovery program.  Students may complete credit recovery on their own schedule with regular check ins with WWYB staff to review progress and provide needed assistance.  WWYB staff runs weekly labs providing onsite tutoring, encouragement, and progress monitoring toward graduation.

Programs for Students 21+

Students over age 21 still have the opportunity to earn their high school diploma.  Use this guide to select the program that is right for you.

GED Age Waiver

Students under age 19 who are interested in taking the GED need to have an official age waiver.  The team will first take a look at an individual’s credits to determine if the GED is the best option, then connect the student with GED resources in the area.

MPS Graduation Requirements

If you or someone you know is considering returning to MPS to complete your high school diploma, please call We Want You Back and one of our staff can help you get started. (612) 668-1201.