9-12 Alternative Learning/Credit Recovery
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MPS Area Learning Communities (ALC) Grades 9-12

MPS Area Learning Communities (ALC) Grades 9-12
"What we learn to do, we learn by doing." - Thomas Jefferson


The MPS Alternative Learning Communities, also known as ALC, is a Minnesota Department of Education Approved Alternative Program. Our mission is to provide students with viable educational options as they commit to a program and graduate while pursuing personalized goals for continuous improvement in a growth mindset. Students may seek our programs as they have experienced difficulty in the formal system. Our programs will provide support for students in a collaborative and alternative learning environment.

Our commitment is to serve students in engaging programs where students meet their goals and earn credits to receive a Minneapolis Public School diploma.

Students interested in exploring the ALC option should meet with their counselor or team at their current school.

ALC is an inclusive program available at multiple sites within the Minneapolis Public School District. The Credit Recovery Program gives students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to recover failed credits, utilizing a blend of web-based instruction and direct instruction.

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  • To reach all learners on a daily basis - especially those who struggle in traditional schools.
  • To offer personalized instruction with staff who have a flexible approach to teaching.
  • To offer smaller class sizes and flexible school scheduling in a non-traditional setting.
  • To allow collaborative programming with existing district programs to develop individual instructional strategies.
  • To hold students accountable for their educational achievement, thus empowering students to succeed.
  • To involve both the student and parent/guardian in the educational process by keeping them informed through regular progress reporting and meetings with students.
Student Expectations:
  • Give consistent effort with a positive attitude
  • Commit to learning
  • Comply with attendance and discipline policy
  • Respect self, others, and the learning environment