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About CCR
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About CCR

About CCR

What we do

CCR is a team of specialized professionals who provide leadership, structures, programming, and support to students, families, schools, and district leadership to educate and empower students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in college and careers. We are fierce advocates for career and college readiness across the district. 

Students who graduate high school career and college ready will possess the knowledge, skills and behaviors to successfully complete workforce training, certificate programs or entry-level credit-bearing college courses. More specifically the student will possess:

  • Academic readiness – mastery of core foundational knowledge and the cognitive skills necessary to do post-secondary work 
  • College knowledge – the skills to navigate the systems necessary to enroll and succeed  in post-secondary education
  • Career awareness – knowledge of career pathways and opportunities, and the relationship between education, training and career goals
  • Personal and social readiness – individual determination and perseverance to thrive and learn in a post-secondary environment
  • Intercultural competence – the ability to learn, work and communicate in a multi-cultural world 

Minneapolis Public Schools will assist students in becoming career and college ready through:

  • Academic readiness - providing access to and support for coursework that is challenging to each student and that provides the content knowledge and cognitive skills necessary to do post-secondary work and promoting understanding of content at deeper levels through intergration of interdisciplinary topics. MPS keeps a focus on critical thinking and out of the box idea generation and collaboration.
  • College knowledge - teaching students the skills to navigate the systems necessary to enroll and succeed in post-secondary education or training 
  • Career awareness - exposing students to a variety of career pathways and economic opportunities with updated job trends in mind, demonstrating the relationship between education, training and careers, and helping students to develop a plan to access those opportunities 
  • Personal and social readiness  - helping students to develop the behaviors needed for future success, such as individual determination, perseverance, strong study skills, time management, setting goals, seeking help when needed, and the ability to work collaboratively with others 
  • Intercultural competence - fostering a climate of cross-cultural understanding, respect, appreciation, communication and engagement

CCR aligns with the MPS Acceleration 2020 strategic plan through the following programs and initiatives:

  • Core Academic Content - Multiple Pathways to Graduation, MC3 (Multidisciplinary Apprenticeship/Trade Programming), GEAR UP - Tutoring, Early Warning Monitoring System 8th/9th Grade, School Counseling
  • Life and Career Skills - GEAR UP - Community Impact, Check & Connect Services, My Life Plan, Work Based Learning, College Readiness Centers
  • Learning and Innovation - Extended Learning, Academic Enrichment and Support, Alternative Education Redesign, Personalized Learning, CTE/STEM
  • Key Learning Techniques for Successful Transitions - 8th to 9th Grade Transition, College Entrance Preparation, Social/Emotional Development and Support, CCR Mentoring Programs