Summer School
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Summer School 2017-18

Summer School 2017-18

Summer School allows all students an alternative means to achieve the success resulting in successful completion of state and district level requirements. Summer School will help reduce the learning gap and provide the opportunity for students to recover failed credits. Summer school will emphasize core subjects such as Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, while developing the mindset to work hard and smart in school. Coursework will be computer-based labs and face-to-face instruction.

  • Face to face Instruction (Attendance and completion of work is needed to earn credit)
  • Option for Computer base curriculum (Attendance and 100% completion of course is needed to earn credit)
  • Experiential Field Trip Opportunities through Wilderness Inquiry (Attendance and completion of work is needed to earn credit)

Some important things to keep in mind:

Teachers are hired based on enrollment. It is very important to preregister students for Summer School. Registration opens April 16. Registration closes June 1. 

We try to schedule every student in face to face courses, if we are unable to hire staff to teach that course, we will slot students into digital courses. 

Students who attend a non Minneapolis Public High School but are Minneapolis residents can attend MPS Summer School.

Students will need:

  • Credit evaluation from their current school counselor.  
  • Proof of Minneapolis residence. 
  • Come in with their parents on the first day to sign paperwork. 

You can email the credit evaluation, site preference or questions to Quyen Phan, ALC 9-12 Manager.

Edison, South, Wilder, Heritage & Stadium View

Session 1 - 
June 18-July 3
(No School Wednesday, July 4 & Thursday, July 5)
Breakfast and Lunch will be an option

Session 2 - 
July 9-26
Breakfast and Lunch will be an option

Experiential Field Trip Opportunities- First Session
Wilderness Inquiry will take place Session 1 of Summer School
Overnight option – July 5-8
Day option – English or Science Content
Day option - Science or English Content

High School Summer School Courses:

English 9 Quarters 1-4

English 10 Quarters 1-4

English 11 Quarters 1-4

English 12 Quarters 1-4

Geography Quarters 1-4

World History Quarters 1-4

US History Quarters 1-4

Economics Quarters 1-4

Government Quarters 1-4

Physical Science Quarters 1-4

Biology 1 Quarters 1-4

Biology 2 Quarters 1-4

Chemistry Quarters 1-4

Physics 1 Quarters 1-4

Physics 2 Quarters 1-4

Intermediate Algebra Quarters 1-4

Geometry Quarters 1-4

Advanced Algebra Quarters 1-4

Digital Fitness for Life 1 Quarters 1-4

Digital Fitness for Life 2 Quarters 1-4

Digital Health 1 Quarters 1-4

Digital Health 2 Quarters 1-4

Digital Fine Art Quarters 1-4

PDF Summer School Illness & Medical Resource   --  Summer School 9-12 is not linked with the school health services office. It does not have access to school records (medical information, health plans, IEPs, Section 504 plans, etc.). Parents/guardians are responsible for notifying the On-site Coordinator of any special needs or medical conditions that impact their child’s health, well-being, or involvement in activities.